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Like most website creation services, you have an option to pay for ongoing services to help you maintain your site, make content changes, etc. I, too, offer such services, but I also offer a service that you probably won't find: daily postings on your social networking sites. See all the details below! 

Monthly Updates Service
Fast Updates & Fixes to Your Website!


If you just don't have the time to keep watch over your website, I'm available. My Monthly Updates Service gives you unlimited simple* changes and updates for only $25/month!


Simple changes include, but are not limited to, changes to your calendar or schedule (dates and events), adding or deleting content (text), uploading pictures or videos, and basically anything that just takes a few minutes. Need this service? Click the link below!


*Adding major elements to your site, such as new pages, shopping carts, membership areas, etc., are not included within the Monthly Updates Service. Contact me for pricing on major changes.

Daily Posting Service
Daily Posting on Your Social Networking Sites


Consistent posting on your social sites is essential to driving traffic to your website. A dormant website or social site will kill your business fast, so if you can't commit time every day to create posts to on you social sites, I will be glad to post and monitor your online social presence so it appears that you are there yourself and engaged in the social conversation with your audience.


My Daily Posting Service is only $25/month, or, if you have already signed up for my Monthly Updates Service, you can add this service for just $5/month! Click the link below to choose the service you need.


Ongoing Support for Your Website & Social Networking Sites

  • Facebook Sticker
  • Twitter Sticker
  • Google+ Sticker
  • LinkedIn Sticker
  • Blogger Sticker
  • Pinterest Sticker
  • YouTube Sticker
  • Instagram Sticker
You don't have to have a website built by me to get these support services!
Do You Need E-Mail Marketing?
Get Help Creating Your Ads, Newsletters & Announcement

E-mail marketing is powerful and keeps your business name in front of your clients on a more personal level than social sites. If you are already using Constant Contact, or want to start using it, contact me to discuss how I can either get you set-up and started and/or produce and manage weekly e-mails through your account. (Constant Contact is a subscription service which is separate from e-GO PACK service fees. Constant Contact does not endorse and is in no way affiliated with e-GO PACK.)

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