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Your e-GO PACK gives you a fresh, new website with all the apps and functions you need to keep relevant in the marketplace, like . . .


  • Mobile website

  • Social buttons

  • Online Calendar

  • Google SEO

  • Flicker

  • Ebay

  • YouTube

  • Analytics

  • Google Maps

  • PayPal

  • 100's of apps


... and many more!




1. Determine Your Need

First, you need the right website. Not just an OK website, or an expensive website, or a pretty website - you need the RIGHT website.


To find the right site for you, I listen to your story - what you're about, what you do, what you offer and your goals and dreams. Then we determine your  audience.


2. Choose an e-GO PACK

Depending on what you need, you can choose from three PACKS. Click here to see your choices. I require 50% of the PACK you choose up-front to get started.


3. Select your website template

I will select some templates that I believe will be the best fit for your online home, send them to you and you choose from those -- or if you don't like the ones I've selected, we look until we find the one you love.


4. Send me your content
My work is only as fast as your content gets into my hands. You need to send me:


Text - this is all the wording of your site; your paragraphs, your definitions, your statements, explanations, captions, etc. Don't worry, I'm a writer, I'll help you do this.


Images - these are all the pictures, videos and graphics you want on your site. Images are a bit more complicated - they have to be in a certain format and pixelation in order to look right online, but, don't worry, I'll work with you on that.


Colors - are very important. Colors convey certain statements. If you already have a logo, send it to me and I'll design your site around those colors. If you don't, you need one. See my Extras a la carte page for a graphic designer recommendation.


Once I have all your content, your site could be together in a few weeks!


Of course, there are always details that will need to be decided, but I'll walk you through all that.


The great thing is, you'll get all of the essential elements of a great website in your e-GO PACK:


Alluring colors and images

Easy navigation - that works

Fresh and relevant content

Accurate contact information

Integrated social media platforms


Ready to GO? Click here.


An e-GO PACK is . . .

A Website.


Your e-GO PACK will put you on the social radar. I will create or enhance your current social networking platform(s) that are the best fit for your business and integrate them into your website.





Your e-GO PACK includes one-on-one time with me to teach you how to manage your own website, saving you time and money!


Plus, why pay a monthly fee for someone to make your changes when you can do it yourself?


With your e-GO PACK I will personally train you on how to make changes to your new website and how to work your social media platforms to drive traffic to your site.




1. Learn to maintain your website

Don't be afraid, it's very easy. If you can work a computer, you can maintain your website.


When your site and social platforms are up and running smoothly, we'll sit down together and I'll teach you or your website admin how to:


  • Change text on your site

  • Change colors, fonts and images

  • Add new functions to your site (apps)

  • Add new pages and sub-pages

  • Maintain an online calendar


2. Learn how to use social media

Next, I'll teach you the in's and out's of using social media to:


  • Build a larger online audience

  • Engage your friends and colleagues

  • Expose your site to a wider audience


Also, I'll teach you the proper online social media etiquette for the indivdual platforms, as each one has their own language.


Just like all the other parts of your e-GO PACK, this training is on your schedule. Remember, if you're not interested in learning how to maintain your site and social media,


I can train someone else of your choice . . .


or, for a small monthly fee, I can do that for you.


Ready to GO? Click Here!

Social Marketing.


  • Facebook App Icon
  • Pinterest App Icon
  • Blogger App Icon
  • Twitter App Icon
  • LinkedIn App Icon


1. Determine Your Need

I'll bet you already have a Facebook account, but do you have a Facebook Page? If you're in business, or need exposure for your site, you need one.


If Twitter or LinkedIn is a better fit, I'll set those up for you, too - it's included in the price of your e-GO PACK. Whatever you have, I'll sync and match them to your site. (Do you have a Constant Contact account? Click here!)


2. Get Connected!

Marketing drives sales. While your print media (business cards, letterhead, etc.) should all have your website address, you also need to be using your social networking sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.) to drive traffic to your site.


But it's not enough just to have social media buttons on your website pages.


You need to work it!


With an e-GO PACK, I will create any and all of the social media sites you need, but you have to work them on a daily basis.


Nothing's worse than a website or Facebook page that sits around unattended. In fact, that's the fastest way to drive traffic AWAY from your site.


(If you don't have time to do that every day, get someone in your business to do it for you. I am more than happy to help you do that for a small monthly fee.)


Ready to GO?  Click Here!




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