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How An e-GO PACK Saves You Money . . .

OPTION: Hire an IT Professional.

You know you need a website, but do you know what you need in a website?


You can call someone technical who will build a big website for you with all the bells and whistles and it will sing like a canary.


Your bill will be $4,000 - $6,000.


Then what? A monthly fee to maintain it?


Yup. Every time you want to make one little change, your IT person will not be available. But the monthly fee will need to be paid on time.


What IT people don't know how to do is listen. They are smarter than you and they know it, so they don't have to listen.


Meanwhile, you think you're getting what you need.


Don't get fooled. Just because you like the look of your new site, doesn't mean it's relevant to the message you need to convey about yourself or your business.


Ask these questions:


1) Does your new site professionally conveys your message on every page?


2) Do all the pages connect seamlessly with your Facebook page and all your other social media platforms?


3) Can you afford the monthly site management fee?


OPTION: Choose an e-GO PACK . . .

It will save you money because you get the right site for you the first time.


I listen! I let you tell your story and then find the right website template that has all the essential elements for a great website:


Alluring colors and images

Easy navigation - that works

Fresh and relevant content

Accurate contact information

Integrated social media platforms


Ready to GO?

Click Here.

OPTION: Use a Website Builder

Be careful, a do-it-yourself website builder looks easy and you may spend a smaller amount of money, but if you're not tech-savvy, you could easily get frustrated with all the different tools and options.


Plus, those builders can be very time-consuming if you don't fully understand how to use them.


Don't get me wrong here, I will use a do-it-yourself website builder to create your website, but I believe I found the best one out there that is easiest to teach.


Yes, most website creation packages include some type of training, but it's rarely in-person. They provide links to videos and tutorials, but wouldn't you rather have someone show you in-person on YOUR computer?


I will teach you on YOUR computer - unless you live so too far away for me to travel - then we'll do it over the phone or I'll do it remotely with a screen-share funtion. Either way, I'll train you myself.


Ready to GO?

Click Here.

OPTION: Build it Yourself.

Maybe you're a bit tech-savvy and you want to build one yourself.


Go for it!  I'm sure you'll do fine.


But remember, the right site for you needs more than just technical expertise.


It's not enough to have a site in your favorite color that makes you feel warm and fluffy. Your site needs to reflect your mission and goals for your business and the structure needs to accommodate your products and/or your services -- it needs to draw in your customers so completely, they never want to leave.


That is a marketing skill. Trust me, you can waste a lot of time building something cool-looking that really doesn't work right for your particular business. You may find that soon you are rebuilding or starting over completely.


That will waste a lot of time.


OPTION: Choose an e-GO PACK.

I can build your site, build and intergrate your social sites and train you how to maintain it all within a month - sometimes sooner!



Ready to GO?

Click Here.





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