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Project Samples

On 29 April 1940, Michal was abducted by a Gestapo roundup on Marszałkowska Street—a street he walked often while visiting his family in Warsaw. Though he heard the warning shouts from others trying to escape, for Michal it was too late.

This posthumous memoir of Michal Palewski testifies to unimaginable evil; it cries out to all humanity: “One must not allow for this dreadful and tragic history of the Nazi crimes to repeat itself ever again.”

Edit ~ Design ~ Publish

May 2012

Website Copy & Design

Fall 2012

Layout and design of all pages, masthead; copy edit and image prep and placement

Contributed six articles to this tribute. Each member of Congress received a copy.

"FROM METH TO LIFE One Cell at a Time" is a story of a life supernaturally rebuilt at the cellular level both physically and spiritually from a seventeen-year addiction to methamphetamine.

"In this book Jamie is so open and honest about everything that he experienced in prison, the good and the bad. I felt like I was sitting in the next cell going on this journey with him. He clearly wrote this book from the heart and you can tell that God was with him all the way."                                      

~ MK Elledge

Co-Author ~ Edit ~ Design

September 2011

Research ~ Write Articles

September 2010

Author ~ E-book

February 2012

Co-Author ~ Design

December 2007

An hour before her marriage is scheduled to dissolve, Rachel encounters a disturbing scene in the hospice facility she manages when a widow comes to view the body of her late husband.


This E-book is my original work, including the cover design and typset/coding for electronic publishing

A family faces the sudden death of their youngest member in Gary's Rock- A Mother's Journey of Faith & Healing, a story of tragedy, trust, grief, and grace.

"My hands are sweaty and my feet are shaking. I feel every fiber of this mask rubbing my face. I want to take it off, but I can't. I put the car into gear and drive toward the house; Sammy rolls his window down and I hear, 'Pop, Pop, Pop.' Time stands still."

A tragic drive-by shooting brings a single mother, a gangbanger, a detective's wife, and a small town banker closer to God. Cynthia is powerless to stop her son from joining a gang. Ricky joins a rival gang and is forced to participate in the drive-by shooting. Becky lives in fear of her abusive husband who is investigating the crime. And Scott is glad his family is far away from the violence, until he becomes suspicious of the people who may move in next door. God is whispering to Cynthia, Ricky, Becky, and Scott, but it's not until they lose control of their lives that they realize where true peace can be found.

Proofreader ~ Editor

December 2007

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