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I create original content for you.


I edit your content.

Book Proposal

To pitch your book to a publisher

Writing ..............................  $35/hour

With your idea and context, I can write content for your website, blog, online and print marketing pieces or the text for the back cover or inside jacket of your book.


Writing is not just my craft, it's my passion, so thanks in advance for trusting me to make your ideas come alive!


Editing ..............................  $20/hour

Anything worth reading is edited first. A thorough, substantive edit fixes issues with grammar, syntax, continuity, and presentation. It trims bulky text and can require rewriting or reorganization.


Write your heart out and then hire me to edit your work to make it sing to the world!


Note: Book Contracts require 50% down. Click here to estimate book editing costs.

Flat Rate*..............................  $1000

To be considered by a traditional publisher your book must be in the form of a book proposal. Like a business proposal, a book proposal contains multiple parts, one of which contains solid research summarizing how your book will compete in the market against other titles in your genre. Contact me for more information (scroll down to find my contact info).

*While book proposal rates are flat, the price varies depending on the size and complexity of your book project. Contact me for a quote.

Your manuscript ready for print

Typed into electronic format​

Desktop Publishing
Making Your Info Look Great!

Typesetting ........................  $20/hour


This service is provided for those who want to self-publish through my press, clay pen press

Typing .............................. $20/hour

I hate to break this to you, but if you still use pen, pencil or a typewriter your work will have to be typed into an electronic file format before it can be submitted for publication.

Desktop Publishing ..........................  $45/hour

Publishing your creative work including books, flyers, signs, and more for commercial printing.

Guidance throughout your project

Project Management
End - to - End Project Mgmt

Creative help in print & online

Consultation .....................  $15/hour


​Our first 30 minutes together is complimentary. From there, our time discussing your project is $15 per hour, with 1/2 hour minimum for time exceeding one hour. Quick calls will be billed in 15 minute increments regardless of how short. Thanks for respecting my time and valuing my advice.


Project Management ................. $25/hour

I will be glad to help you promote your work, though this is a service where I instruct and coach you on how to promote yourself.

Design .............................  $35/hour

​Our design team can help you create a new look for your website, marketing pieces and other creative elements your work requires.

Resume Packages & Correspondence Letters
Functional Resumes, Detailed Resumes, CV, Cover Letters, References, Correspondence Letters

$100  Functional Resume

$200 Detailed Resume

$250 Curriculum Vitae

$50   Cover Letters*

$20   References Sheet

$50   Simple Resume Update

$50   Correspondence Letters*

$50   Extra for 1-Day Turnaround

$50   Correspondence Letters (Per page)

*Cover and Correspondence Letter rate is $50 for the first 2 1/2 hours of work. Hourly rate of $20/hour will be billed beyond 2 1/2 hours of work. Phone calls are not included in the $50 rate for Letters. See "Consultation" section above for rates on phone calls.

I offer a complimentary, initial 30-minute consultation to discuss your needs. See my Consultation fee scale above for longer consults.

When scheduling a consult, please e-mail a copy of your current resume/CV prior to the appointment to:

Communicating with Me throughout your Project:

Email is the only form of project communication I use in my business. I do not accept any requests for work, edits, files, images, etc., via phone calls or texts. All requests, files, edits, etc., must be emailed to me at my business email address: throughout the entire project. This method assists both myself and my clients in accuracy for both the work and billing.


Phone calls are for initial consults, on-going consulting or discussion only. Any  decisions made over the phone must be followed up with an email stating the date of the call and the decision(s) made by you, the client, which then becomes a written record of your request.

Texting is only used for convenience when adjusting the time of a pre-scheduled phone appointment. Do not send any files, images or adjust work-related details via text. It is a waste of time and will be added to your bill. Thank you.

Rates are subject to change without notice. 

I reserve the right to refuse any project at anytime for any reason without explanation.

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