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Kudos from Happy Clients

"The book is in and it is beautiful!"

May 2012


“The book is in and it is beautiful!! It’s the perfect size. The cover and back are fabulous. The font type is just the right size for easy reading. Cheryl, thank you so much for everything you have done. I never would have dreamed it would have turned out this well! On the back cover . . . you did an absolutely fabulous job. I actually cried when I read it. Cheryl, again, this is truly a work of art. And you, too, have put so much into it. I can’t thank you enough. I am proud to pass this on to my children.”

~ Chris C., on her father’s posthumous memoir edited by Cheryl Courtney Semick and published by clay pen press

"I am very happy to recommend Cheryl!"

January 2010

“I am very happy to recommend Cheryl! I connected with Cheryl through a group discussion on LinkedIn and offered her an opportunity to contribute articles to a hotel industry book I was working on entitled, “A Century of Hospitality 1910-2010.” Fortunately, she took the offer! She is now a contributing author for this book that commemorates the American Hotel & Lodging Association’s 100 year anniversary. Cheryl is an excellent writer, who not only met my deadlines, but truly went “above and beyond” during this project. She was a delight to work with!

~Marla Cimini, Writer, Editor & PR Consultant, Editor of AHLA commemorative book

Noteworthy: This book debuted in Manhattan, New York; every member of the U.S. Congress received a copy.

"An Editor with a Proven Track Record of Success"
November 2009

"Cheryl Courtney Semick approached me following a presentation and asked me if I had a book.  When I replied “no” she said, “But you’ve always wanted to write one, haven’t you?”  When I told her that I had, a relationship was built and within six months we had my first book in print.

Cheryl’s attention to detail, work ethic and overall editing skills proved to be critical success factors in the development of the manuscript.  Her talents were support by the iUniverse editorial staff who said my  book “Jewels in Your Crown – Mining the Treasures Within” was very well done and would appeal to a much wider genre than I had first anticipated.

Through Cheryl’s skills and personality I have built a relationship with an editor with a proven track record of success.

​~Author Craig Fowler, Executive at State Farm Insurance

"She made me feel completely at home"
December 2006

"Cheryl Semick has been a lovely Christian lady to work with. In hearing my story, she was always pleasant, anxious to listen and very easy to talk to. She made me feel completely at home.

Cheryl worked very hard deciphering my notes that I took many years ago and seemed to enjoy her work. It was a pleasure to do business with Cheryl and I would recommend her work to anyone. She is even helping me market my book now that it is in print."

~Author Lois Johnson

Here is a letter Lois and I received from Wine Press Group, Lois’ Publisher:

December 18, 2006


Dear Mrs. Johnson and Mrs. Semick,

My name is Simon Presland, and I had the privilege of editing your manuscript titled Gary’s Rock: A Mother’s Journey of Faith and Healing. I say privilege, because it was just that. Often times, the manuscripts I receive from WinePress need of a lot of work. I have done quite a few copy edits, and more times than not I suggest at least a substantive edit to the author. In your case, I found the writing clean, concise, and in chronological order. In fact, I finished my copy edit in just a few hours, but kept the manuscript longer so that I could reread it a couple of times.

Sincerely, Simon Presland

"She does such a fine job of crafting her words"
November 2009

"I always look forward to reading each of Cheryl’s submissions to her column “Doors & Windows.” She does such a fine job of crafting her words to share not only her thoughts, but also her visions.

I am proud and honored that her collection of columns that began in my publication will now be read and enjoyed by many more readers.


~Debbie Adlof, Editor-in-Chief, The Community Word

Doors & Windows is the name of my monthly newspaper column, published in Peoria, Illinois.

"Cheryl did the most amazing job"
November 2009


"I can’t say enough about the way my website turned out! Cheryl did the most amazing job with getting to the essence of what VisionShift was all about. Her ability to take my words and put them into such a succinct, marketable presentation blew me away. I had a very clear idea of how I wanted my site to look and Cheryl nailed it. I get compliment after compliment!!!"

~Cindy Fleming, Founder & President, VISIONSHIFT, INC.

"She can take 5 words and turn them into a master piece document."
November 2009


If you are looking to hire an individual who will make you look professional on paper, look no further. Cheryl is a highly skilled professional virtual business woman. She is awesome in whatever she does on paper. I have used her skills and abilities to produce articles, press releases and many brochures. Her graphic design knowledge demonstrated in her work shows that she knows what she is doing.

She has great integrity and work very hard to please her clients. I recommend her highly as a professional that you can trust to produce timely, ethical, accurate documents with great skill. Words cannot describe the customer service you will receive from this woman. She can take 5 words and turn them into a master piece document.

~Doris Symonds, President of T.A.L.K.

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